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A Cuterebra parasite is an opportunistic parasite found under the skin of small mammals. This parasite is the larval stage of the Cuterebra fly, who uses animal hosts to complete its life cycle. Cuterebra fly species are also known as botflies , and they are opportunistic in that they use the small mammals (dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, etc.) to complete their life cycle.

The Cuterebrinae , the robust bot flies, are a subfamily of Oestridae which includes large, parasitic flies; this group has historically been treated as a family, but all recent classifications place them firmly within the Oestridae. [1] Both genera spend their larval stages in the skin of mammals. The genus Cuterebra , or rodent bots , attack rodents and similar animals. The other genus, Dermatobia , attacks primates and humans.