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Good cosplay is an under-appreciated art. It's not just about looking good in an outfit — you have to pick the right materials, sew cleanly, mold armor and weapons, style wigs, do intense makeup, nail the character's personality, and of course love what you do. We found quite a few good cosplays at this year's Anime Expo, and these are the best of the best that really fit the bill.

Cosplay or costume play came about from Asian origins (Japan to be exact) but for the past decade or so, it is making headlines everywhere in the West particularly as we see more RPGs taking over the entertainment industry.

This past weekend was Anime Expo, the ginormous celebration of all things anime, and the sheer amount of lovely cosplay will melt your brain. Check out a gallery below — but also please tell us: What character or concept makes for the best cosplay in the universe?